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Identification & Grading of Diamonds

HD Dazor SpeckFinder

Digital microscope HD Dazor SpeckFinder
and microphotography of a diamond

The recent years have witnessed dramatic changes in the field of gemology such as the development of many new diamond treatments and production of near-colourless lab-grown diamonds. CGL Canadian Gemlab is a specialist in identifying and determining the colour origin (natural, treated, or synthetic) of diamonds. Every diamond is graded by two experienced gemologists using industry-standard instruments.

To keep up with the new gemological changes in the industry, new grading procedures have been introduced at CGL Canadian Gemlab. These include:

  • Digital plotting of diamonds on a computer by gemologists to ensure that inclusions are accurately positioned on the final certificate;
  • Recording inclusions by means of a new High Difinition digital microscope DAZOR HD SpeckFINDER for proper authentication, tracking and appraising of diamonds;
  • Grading the colour of diamonds by using new DAZOR grading cabinets with or without UV filter, uniquely designed to measure true body colour.

Special Services
In order to better serve the Canadian diamond trade, CGL Canadian Gemlab offers a number of special services such as:

  • Express grading: 3 hours, same day and next day guaranteed
  • Fast lasering of Canadian diamonds with proof of origin
  • Custom-designed certificates
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