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MuKLHXU8lvDz-yYGTWsZ42USrOicygjlQY1AU_rXZ6wGemologists first grade and test diamonds and gemstones as mounted. The results will be documented in a Jewellery Report that will disclose any treatments that have been discovered. If a value is requested then an appraiser will give an estimated replacement value and issue a full Appraisal Report. If any stone has been set in such a way that makes it impossible to accurately test then with the owner’s permission the gem may be unset for testing as loose.

The cost of Jewellery testing and appraising is based on the complexity of the item and will be disclosed and agreed upon before testing is undertaken.

At CGL Canadian Gemlab, after gemologists identify and grade mounted gem/diamond and record any sign of treatments information will be documented on Jewellery report (or Appraisal Report if value is requested by the client).
My7Nj97fkOD3ejjHX_PuEnps5HqIgqbXd3FUXfWFLnMAn appraiser’s role is to examine a jewellery item or precious stone and describe it as completely and as accurately as possible using high resolution photos and meaningful descriptions in order to establish a replacement value, usually for insurance purposes, but also for estate settlement or liquidation reasons.

Using the most up-to-date technology and instruments available, and often also working in conjunction with a second certified gemologist, the appraiser’s role is to provide consistently accurate and unbiased ethical valuations based on the item and on current market conditions

CGL Canadian Gemlab President & Head Gemologist Branko Deljanin is a world-renowned research gemologist and expert in testing gems and coloured diamonds using standard, advanced, and specialized research instruments. Together with his vast experience and the expertise of a highly-qualified team of professionals,CGL Canadian Gemlab addresses the new gemological challenges and industry needs through specialized services in:
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