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Here at CGL, we provide Gemological and Appraisal Services as well Lasering Services. Contact Us if you have any inquiries.

Full Service Laboratory

CGL Canadian Gemlab President & Head Gemologist Branko Deljanin is a world-renowned research gemologist and expert in testing gems and coloured diamonds using standard, advanced, and specialized research instruments. Together with his vast experience and the expertise of a highly-qualified team of professionals, CGL Canadian Gemlab addresses the new gemological challenges and industry needs through specialized services.

We are a full service gemological laboratory located in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver. Our experience combined with our dedication to provide our customers with the best quality service sets us apart from the others.

Services We Provide

  • Identification and Grading of Diamonds
  • Gemological and Appraisal Services
  • Colour Origin of Coloured & Colourless Diamonds 
  • Grading and Evaluation of Rough Diamonds 
  • Lasering of Diamonds
  • Custom Designed Certificates


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CGL Canadian Gemlab is a specialist in identifying and determining the colour origin (natural, treated, or synthetic) of diamonds.

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Coloured Stones & Pearls

CGL Canadian Gemlab is an expert lab in identification of coloured stones and pearls.

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Jewellery & Appraising

Ethical appraisal services are offered to the trade and to consumers through Canadian Gemological Service (CGS), an affiliated company.

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